Student's Project Week - General Information


Between May, 8th and May 13th an international Student's Project Week is organized in parallel to the main event of Textile Roofs Workshop.


The main emphasis of the International Students Project Week is put in developing and manufacturing building models for tensioned and inflated structures, including all experience during the process of development and manufacturing up to the final and real model. The design of membrane structures is deeply related by the behaviour of the fabric and their possibility to tension, to join and to fix the materials. Therefore one of the targets of the seminar is to point out the relation between form, material behaviour and structural behaviour which can be realized during manufacturing and construction.


A further aim is the get practical experience in designing and manufacturing tensioned and inflated membrane structures. The practical experience is hardly to teach using computer modelling neither for the 3D-shapes and animations nor for numerical simulation of the structural behaviour. The gap between virtual designed structures and real building is getting wider and one of the aims of the international seminar is to show the possibilities and differences between physical modelling and computational design.



150,00 Euro

This includes social events of the Textile Roofs workshop such as tour boat trip, workshop banquet, beverages during the day and materials to build the models.


For your registration please use the "Registration Form -Students Seminar on this homepage. The registration should be send together with a copy of your student identity card preferably by mail or by fax to


Dr.-Ing. Bernd Stary

AcaMem - Berlin Academy for Architectural Membrane Structures

Mindener Straße 6

10589 Berlin; Germany

Fax: +49 30 26302515


Those, who want to be informed in more details can also use the Contact Form.


Berlin has larger number of student guesthouses and youth hostels. The students have to organize their stay in Berlin   by themselves. Please find a list of recommend accommodations next to the workshop location.